Praying for PRIORITY

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So I’m told by people who know better than me that who you are by 25, is who you are until you die.

In other words, they’re formative years. Generally speaking, we get the phases out of our system by the time we’re in our mid twenties, and as we reach 30 there’s not going to be a lot of changes happening anymore (by this point you know I’m talking worldview, not waistline, right?).

Which is why I love working with Equipped, the 18-25’s ministry in our church. This is the time when worldviews are formed. As I look back on my early twenties (but not too far back), this is when the implications and outworkings of the gospel first took hold of me. Not only did I have anĀ appetite to read the Scripture, but also the capacity and, providentially, the time to do so too. Working alongside students and young adults is a thrill. Every day I get to see gospel pennies drop.

And this Saturday, I’m hoping that a big pile of them drop at the same time. Christchurch Newport is hosting a day conference for students and young adults called PRIORITY. People from across south Wales and the West of England will be gathering to worship Jesus and consider the priorities that Jesus has called us to live by.

Please join me in praying. I’m trusting God that he’ll use it as Gareth Lloyd from SGCM, Nathan Smith from Grace Church Bristol and I preach on the priority of the gospel, the priority of the church and the priority of the mission.

If you’d like to join with us in praying for the event, here’s how you can do so;

  • Pray that people leave loving Jesus more – On Saturday, the gospel will be sung, chatted and preached. As organisers, our deepest hope is that people would leave the day being more wowed by Christ than ever before. Pray particularly for those coming that don’t know Jesus. The gospel is powerful, and our God is mighty to save.
  • Pray that friendships are made – both within church, across churches and particularly with newcomers into the churches. This time of year brings a lot of new students that we want to see make friends in their new homes. A day together could play a big part in this.
  • Pray that churches are strengthened – in 10 years time, the current crop of 18-25’s won’t be the youngsters anymore. I’m trusting God to grow them into faithful, devoted church members. PRIORITY is a way towards that we hope.