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Back in the 16th century, a monk called Martin would gather his students around his kitchen table, and with pint in hand discuss the finer points of theology. Inspired by our favourite German monk’s laid-back methods, this Sunday sees the return of Table Talk at 7:30pm at the Tredegar Arms in Bassaleg.

Picture the scene. Surrounded by empty beer glasses, and meeting in a dark and sticky pub back room, men aged 18-25 gather to study a tailor-made two year course that covers more than the basics of the faith. Over those two years, these men become a band of brothers, not just learning together, but living in light of that learning together.

This isn’t just theology for theology’s sake – you know – all dry and academic, and a slightly more communal alternative to theological word of the day toilet paper… We’re doing this to understand more of God’s character, know scripture better, and love the Gospel more. We’re doing this to drown in the depths of who He is. And so far, it’s gone well. Over the past year, we’ve wrestled with ancient truths and sat in awe of the God of the Bible as we’ve done so.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been before…

Table Talk is designed to drop into at any point. The course is a cycle, so no matter what you’ve missed, you’ll not miss out. And it really doesn’t matter at what stage you feel you’re at in your Christian faith. No matter if you’ve been a Christian for ten minutes or ten years, Table Talk is for you.