Things I wish I'd known when I was 21.

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If it were not for a man called Jonathan Thomas, I might not be a Christian today.

That sounds dramatic (and the hardcore Calvinists reading this might well get be getting their grundies in a knot) but I think it’s true; humanly speaking, if it were not for him, I doubt I’d still be walking with Jesus. Ten years ago, I was converted from an unbelieving family, and really spent the first two years of my new life clueless as to what it looks like to live with Jesus as Lord. It was only when a local student worker called Jonathan started meeting with me to read and pray through the Bible, did I start to realise the deep and lasting implications of living with God as King of my life.

He pursued the 21 year old Lewis, because in his own words, he too was a “21 year old muppet”, and didn’t want to watch me make the same mistakes that he did. So, it’s no understatement to say that outside of this man, not many have had the impact on me that he has.

So I’m thrilled to let you know that this Sunday, Jon’s coming to Equipped to speak. Today, he’s the senior pastor of Ammanford Evangelical Church (a church we’ve got close links with), and is one of the clearest bible teachers I know of.* I’ve given him the title “Things I wish I’d known when I was 21…”, you won’t want to miss it.

See you there. 6:30 Sunday night.

* If you’d like to know more about Jon, you can check out his church website here, and watch the message he preached from the book of Hosea at Christchurch last year here.