Notices for April 24

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Sunday notices

For those of you who weren’t around on Sunday morning, here are the notices you missed…

  • Eating after the Meeting – On the first Sunday of every month, bring your packed lunch and hang around to eat it with your church family. This is a wonderful chance to get to know members of the church better, especially worthwhile if you’re new to Christchurch. Our next EATM is this coming Sunday, 1st May.
  • We’re gathering this Thursday night (April 28) for RBT. As a church, we’ve been reading 1 Samuel throughout the month of April, and tomorrow night we’ll be coming together to listen to one another share how God has spoken through the book. If you’ve not joined us for RBT before, this is not to be missed: God is interacting with his church through his word; speaking to his people, young and old, new and established…  If you’ve never been before, then this is for you. Come and savour Jesus with us! Click here for more information about RBT.