Meals With Jesus

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meals_landing Eating is far more than simply filling our stomachs.

That’s why the Jewish religious leaders were so angry with Jesus in Luke 15. This man eats with sinners, they said. You see, they understood what eating means; food is far more than refuelling, it’s fellowship. To share food is a statement of unity, friendship, companionship. Even today, we’ve still got an instinct for this. There’s something special about sharing a meal.

God invites us to eat with him

Eating is fellowship. And that is why the Son of Man came, to eat and drink (Luke 7: 34) . Take a careful look at his movements through Luke’s gospel; Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal.

Now notice with whom! The Son of Man came eating and drinking with tax collectors and sinners and scoundrels and people like you and me. Put it all together and what do we see? We see amazing grace – the King of the universe, stooping low to enjoy fellowship with people like you and me.

And that’s what we’ll see through August. Four well-known meals scenes. Four glimpses of grace in action. Four invitations to come and feast with Jesus.