3 ways to enjoy the Gospel Project with your kids

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the-gospel-project_landing-700x230The Bible Project for Kids isn’t just for Sunday. It can be used every day of the week.

Our Builders, Conquerors and Discoverers follow a 3 year curriculum called The Gospel Project for Kids designed to help our kids discover the glory of God’s gospel, from Genesis to Revelation. Our hope is that through it, our kids would understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption through Jesus.

Not only does TGP4K produce excellent lesson plans, but they’ve also made available a wealth of materials for parents to use at home.

3 ways to follow along at home

So if you’re looking for ways to follow along with your kids at home, here’s 3 places to start:

  1. The Book A big picture, innovative and interactive Bible storybook. One hundred stories take readers on a journey through the Bible, and the digital pop-ups (accessed with a free “augmented reality” app) bring the art and story remarkably to life with both sound and 3-D imagery.
  2. The App This is great. Available on both iTunes and Android it’s everything we cover on a Sunday and more… It including the films for both age groups (Preschoolers/Builders, and Kids/Conq+Disc) and various activities and songs. Like all apps, the best materials must be purchased separately (£2.99 per volume), but there’s a surprising amount of stuff available for free too. FYI the classes are currently half way through ‘Prophets and Kings’, Fall 2016, Unit 13, session 6 (I know… That didn’t make sense to me when I was first shown it either. Feel free to grab me on Sunday and I’ll explain it to you some more).
  3. The Blog Every week we write a short preview of what’s coming up in Generations. In it we’ll summarise the teaching point, and suggest ways you could dig a little deeper at home like catechism questions, memory verses etc.