'Getting To The Heart Of Parenting' - Feb/March 2018

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Ever heard anyone boast about how good a parent they are?  No, neither have I.  Truth is most of us feel out of our depth and pretty rubbish in our roles as parents.  Small wonder that Amazon has over 190,000 resources promising us simple solutions to the most challenging of responsibilities!

We can all use help, but knowing where to look in a world saturated with advice can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Paul Tripp has developed a video resource drawing on scriptural principles and saturated with grace that will help you parent any age child.  If you want help, then this five-week series will equip you with a biblical perspective of parenting and show you how grace has the power to shape everything you do.

We will be covering ten video sessions over five weeks mingled with refreshments, prayer, and group interaction.  Each session is relevant and important whether you parent a toddler or a teenager, so please try and commit to attending for the full series.

For more information drop us an email, and you can sign up here:


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