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Formally becoming a member of Christchurch is your way of saying, “I’m in. You can count on me.” It’s also the best way of inviting the church to pray for you and help you live your life for Jesus.

In a culture where freedom and independence are valued above most other things, church membership can feel restrictive. Yet God in the Bible gives it to us as a means by which his people can flourish and grow in Christ’s likeness. The best way to find out more is by joining us on the course. If you’re an adult regular attender at Christchurch, we’d encourage you to join us on our Membership Course.

Running for 7 consecutive Sundays from April 22 at 9am at church, you would be most welcome to join us. Fill in the form below to sign up, or put your name down at the Admin Desk this Sunday.

For more information, drop Bob an email.


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