The Quarter-Life Crisis

/ by Lewis / Posted in Christchurch Share


It’s a dramatic phrase, ‘quarter life crisis’. Maybe a little over the top? Maybe not.

Every season in life has its difficulties, but it’s in our twenties that many of us experience them for the first time:

Transition, failure, desperation, responsibility, disappointment, unfulfillment… these are all things that hit us, for the first time, in the third decade.

One writer sums it up up well with when he wrote ‘our twenties are when we realise that we are promised no earthly thing in this life’.

On Wednesday February 21 at 8pm we want to help you make sense of this decade. We want to help some prepare for what’s ahead, and we want to help others process what’s been.

But more than anything, we want you to leave with you with a bigger vision of the God who once walked this earth as a twenty something himself. And show you how his life, death and resurrection can bring transforming grace to a surprisingly challenging decade.