Life at Christchurch - Gospel Communities


Gospel Communities (GCs) are our means of enjoying Jesus together in smaller gatherings.

Most churches encourage people to be part of small groups in order to develop closer relationships and Christchurch is no different.  While GCs retain some of the DNA of traditional small groups like being centered around the Word, caring and praying for one another, the goal of Gospel Communities is to embody the command of John 13:35 – loving one another in such a way that those who don’t yet know Christ are drawn towards Christ.  Relationships therefore, are the point of these communities, and we deliberately encourage spontaneity and flexibility in how and when people gather. Rather than ‘meeting’, we gather for a meal, a walk, a chat, a BBQ, prayer, reading the bible together, helping one another, while seeking to enjoy Jesus together in the normal rhythms of life.

These Gospel Communities are open for anyone who is interested, whether you are a member or a visitor, whether you know Jesus as your Saviour, or you’re just exploring who he is!

If you’d like to learn more, click through to the pages below, or just ask anyone in the church to introduce you to one of the pastors and we’ll be only too happy to help!