Life at Christchurch - Our Sunday Meeting


As a church we love to gather together and for us the Sunday meeting (10.30am) is the highlight of the week. Throughout the week we’ve been scattered, but every Sunday we gather as one big family to worship Jesus, listen to his word being preached and to catch up with one another to care for and pray with each other.

Why do we gather?

We come together to worship and glorify God. Our lives have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as the meeting gets underway, we love to express our gratitude and love for Jesus through passionate song and prayer

We also come together to be refreshed by His presence, encouraged by His promises, and transformed by His truth. So it is not only worship that we gather for, but expository preaching. Each message usually lasts for about 40 minutes and invariably, whatever the topic, we always make our way to the Cross of Jesus.

Finally, we come together to enjoy genuine friendships. At the end of the meeting, 12pm, we have tea & coffee available in the foyer and the majority of folk just stay and hang out for a while enjoying each others’ company.

The meeting starts at 10.30am and you are more than welcome any Sunday. You won’t be asked to pray or read out loud, and you won’t be asked to stand up and embarrass yourself as a visitor. You can come and get as involved as much as you want, or simply sit at the back and observe – that choice is all yours. Whoever you are; you are welcome!

What does a typical Sunday look like?


Q. How Long Is The Service?

Our Sunday morning gatherings begin at 10:30am and last until midday.

Q. Can I bring my children?
We provide free childcare and age-appropriate Bible teaching for children all the way up to year 9 as part of our Generations ministry.

Q. How Should I Dress?
Not in a suit! Though there’s nothing wrong with dressing up, we encourage people to come as they are. Simply put, so long as you wear clothes, we’re happy.

Q. Will I Be Singled Out?
Definitely not. We will never ask our visitors to stand, say or do anything that makes them uncomfortable. We’d hope that someone would introduce themselves to you, but if that doesn’t happen and you’d like to connect, stop by the Admin Desk to say hi.

Q. Will I Be Pressured To Give Money?
Our church is supported by our members’ generous giving. Week to week we’ll pray and thank God for his provision, but most of the giving is done online and so we don’t ‘pass the bucket’ along the chairs. Very occasionally, we’ll take up a special offering, but we will never ask our visitors to contribute.

Q. What Are The Sermons Like?
We tell people about Jesus by preaching the Bible. Our church is filled with people who have encountered Jesus Christ in this way, and though it might seem strange at first, our confidence is in the God who calls and speaks to his people through his living Word.

Want to know more? Why not take a listen to some of our recent messages.

Q. What Is The Music Like?
God has blessed our church with many gifted musicians that play a variety of instruments in various styles. Our bands include elements of rock, pop, and folk; some weeks are LOUD, some are a little quieter. Though the style will differ from week to week, the content of our songs will not: we sing about Jesus.