Young Adults

The rhythm of CHRISTCHURCH YOUNG ADULTS is found in Colossians chapter 2. It’s here Pastor Paul’s heart for a church he loves very much. He’s willing to do all he can to help them become mature Christians (1:28).

Christchurch share Paul’s passion for growing mature Christians. Our desire is to help our YOUNG ADULTS (those roughly 18 – 25) transition from their teenage years, which is a time of mainly receiving, to the full and active adult spiritual life described in the New Testament – where we are no longer only receiving, but also loving, serving, and giving.

CHRISTCHURCH YOUNG ADULTS is built on 3 foundations:

The first is Face to face time. In chapter 2 verse 1, Paul tells the Colossians of the anguish he feels for not having “seen them, face to face”.  For Paul, there’s no substitute for looking someone in the eyes and talking. This is how hearts are encouraged and for this reason, Face to Face time is a vital part of our YOUNG ADULTS ministry.

Call it ‘discipleship’, ‘mentoring’, ‘shepherding’, whatever; our heart is to see every YOUNG ADULT meet regularly with someone just a little bit older, and more mature in the Christian faith. They’ll get together to read the Bible, but also so much more; this will be time to think out loud, to chat through their doubts and work out together what it looks like to live for Jesus in the midst of an unbelieving world.

They’ll meet to pray about the things that are on their mind or that God is revealing to them. They’ll meet simply to have somewhere to go when they need somewhere to turn.

Next it’s Learning to Love. There’s no better way to get connected to a church than by rolling up your sleeves and serving in the church. In our experience, it’s those people who dig deep into the church who find true fellowship and home. God has given every Christian at least one spiritual gift for the benefit of the church. Every person has a worthy contribution to make. Using these gifts, whatever they are, for the others’ sake is love.

In Colossians 2, Paul talks about his hope for the church being ‘knit together in love’ – it’s a beautiful description of a community interdependent on serving each other; it’s a fellowship that asks ‘what have I to offer?’ rather than ‘what can I give?’ This is what we want to build at Christchurch. We encourage our YOUNG ADULTS to get plugged in and serve.

They’ll do this in a variety of ways; some play in our worship teams, others serve in our teens ministries, or practically in the building, others do kids work on a Sunday morning, or serve in media, design, prayer, or with our evangelistic courses, some have even established new ministries within the church. We are convinced that if God has put you in Christchurch, he’s gifted you to serve in Christchurch.

Finally, we want to equip CHRISTCHURCH YOUNG ADULTS to Stand for Christ in a hostile world. In Colossians 2, Paul warns the church that they live in a world where walking away from Jesus is a very tempting offer. Not only that, but when those around us seem so content and satisfied without Jesus, it seems totally rational. It’s easy to be deluded away from the truth of the gospel by plausible arguments (v.5). We live in a world that tells us that the Gospel isn’t true, so we want to do all we can to train and equip our YOUNG ADULTS to stand firm. We’ll do this through our Sunday morning teaching, our midweek Christchurch Wednesdays, our annual retreats, and informal gatherings where issues particularly relevant to guys in their early twenties are considered.