Young Adults

Christchurch Young Adults exists to help nurture and mature those roughly 18-25 and call themselves Christians. We want to help the YA’s transition from their teenage years, which is a time of mainly receiving, to the full and active adult spiritual life described in the New Testament – where we are no longer only receiving, but also loving, serving, and giving.

We’re convinced that the arena for church discipleship is the local church, and our YA’s ministry is designed to help you connect and serve. Jesus calls his people to let their lives go in service in his name, for this is where true life is found. Our heart is to make it as easy as possible to get on mission with God’s people of all ages, and all backgrounds at Christchurch Newport.

Throughout the term, we host monthly YA’s GATHERINGS, where we’ll come together for worship, ministry and teaching specifically aimed at those in your stage of life.

Every other week, we collect at local CITY GROUPS for prayer, Bible study and food. These are more intimate times where friendships can really be forged and made, as we gather around God’s Word to gaze together upon his beautiful Son. If you’d like to join a city group, drop us a line and we can connect you.

And throughout term, we’ll also be taking over a local deli for our PANTRY TAKEOVER; you’re opportunity to chat informally about anything and everything; bring your worries, bring your questions, bring your existential crises… or just bring yourself. Here there’s no pressure and no judgement.