Who we are - Our team

Our leadership team are constantly amazed that they get to lead such a gracious and lively group of people at Christchurch. It is really a whole team effort that serves to lead the church. The diverse personalities and gifts of the guys seem to work well in contributing to the varied ministry that happens throughout Christchurch – from sermon preaching to caring for the homeless.

When you visit Christchurch please make yourself known to the guys, they’d love to meet you!

Pastoral Team

Pete Greasley

Pete has led Christchurch since it started in 1995. He hails from Cardiff where he met his wife Jenny. He now lives in Newport and is father to three grown up children.

Bob Mc Can

Bob’s an Irish lad who emigrated to America. He brought his American wife, Annemarie, and four children to Newport in 2007 when he joined the Christchurch team.

Lewis Roderick

Originally from Llanelli, Lewis is the only truly Welsh member of the team. Having spent time studying in London, Lewis returned to Wales in 2009 to be part of the team. He lives in Newport with his wife, Jenny.

Gavin Smith

Gav grew up as part of the Christchurch family, and today serves the church as its administrator. He has a busy home in Newport with his wife Emma and their four children.